Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I've found lots of great sites over the years. I'll share one with you today. has some wonderful worksheets to help fill those moments when you need some inspiration.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Standing Work Stations

Saw this article and just thought I'd share.

So how do we accomplish this goal when there's nobody around building me custom desks for my classroom? Gotta get ideas because I always have kids that want, no need to stand!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Florida Senate Bill 6

OK, here's a link to what I wrote back in March concerning the Florida Senate trying to pass a law that is in my opinion, detrimental to the educational system. I figured I'd link it to this blog as well since this is a blog about education. It was actually read on the House floor during negotiations which made me feel a bit joyful if I do say so myself.

Privacy Shields

Have you seen these Privacy Shields at Well I've been looking for some for the past week to get ready for my classroom. I've found them at their website and also found some at Oriental Trading Co. Now I haven't tried them yet but I'm dying to get my hands on a few. I've just got to wait for that first paycheck to order some. I was helping out in another teacher's classroom this year and she happened to have some for her first graders. Let me tell you how calm and peaceful the kids were when they were working with their privacy shields. There was no worry about your neighbor copying you, no distractions, no makeshift folder divider falling over on your work, just little kids getting the job done. I knew right there and then that my next major classroom purchase would be some privacy shields. After all, who doesn't need a little peace and quiet every once in a while.

I was not paid to endorse this product. I simply thought it was a cool idea.

Target Dollar Spot

Have you been to the Target Dollar Spot yet? Well if you haven't, get a moving now! As an educator, I have found some of the best deals ever at the entrance of the Target stores. That's where they have the bins full of items for usually $1.00 to $2.50. I've found whiteboards, desktop pocket charts, decorative caddies for items such as pencils and crayons, Dr. Seuss erasers, puzzles, books, incentives, you name it, I've found it. I'll find similar items in teacher supply stores for five times the price or more so it's really worth a look. What hidden gems have you found at the Target Dollar Spot? Inquiring minds want to know.

Overcrowded Classrooms

Have you ever been in a crowded room? Whether or not it's at a party, in a waiting area, or another public forum, it's definitely hard to relax with lots of personalities surrounding you. And yet, students are expected to study, perform,and learn all while crowded in close quarters. Let's not even mention that most of them don't even have the coping skills or maturity to be able to handle numerous amounts of people at one time, it's just assumed that it's the way it is supposed to be. I've had the privilege of being in both overcrowded rooms as well as in rooms where children are lucky enough to have a bit of elbow room and I'm here to tell you that it does make a huge difference. People are going to site studies, albeit many flawed ones, that say that overcrowding does not seem to determine the academic success of most students. But have we ever stopped to think about the stress level of being in a crowded environment? Stop and think about it for a minute, that is if you can. If you are alone right now or in an area with not too many people around, it's easy to think and reflect. However, if someone right now is breathing down your neck, someone else sneezing, another coughing or talking, you may not be able to reflect as easily. Yet we expect our kids to rise above the chaos.